Friday, February 15, 2013

Control your Destiny


"What you are is what you have been. What you'll be is what you do now"



The decisions and actions that we made in our past define who, what and where we are today.

Reflect for just a moment...what did you do... say... think.... and act upon (or didn't act upon)  in the past that in aggregate defines you and your life today? 

Defines your current job or career?

Defines your current status and net worth?

Defines your current relationships?

Defines your current health?

We all share something in common in life...wherever we are and whoever we are, regardless of our age, our career, our status, our wealth, guess what? 


We all have the same amount of time in our day! 

And we all have some "should of,  could of , would of" moments in our life.....I believe it is important that we embrace those moments to reflect and learn from those past decisions, good or bad,  and use them as tools to apply to our present and future decisions.


Today, I simply suggest you to take a moment to use what you have absolute control over - your mind - to focus on the consequences of your  decisions,  planning, and actions today...and how those 3 things will  affect your life tomorrow.


It's never to late to alter areas in our life need improving in order  to make where we are tomorrow better than today.  We all have dreams and aspirations aligned with what we deem important in life, and time keeps on ticking..... so I encourage you to create or update your personal plan and take action today toward those aspirations and goals that you have set for yourself. 


No one else can do it for you.    It's all you.



Buddha was right...the "Current You" today is made up of your cumulative "yesterdays".

 Consistently applied, the "Future You" will be defined by the planning,  decisions and commitments you make today..... and every day hereafter.

Remember this... nobody can change the past chapters of their life, but starting right now we each have a unique and fantastic opportunity to change the rest of our personal and professional story!