Sunday, October 13, 2013

What have you done for YOU lately?




In life, many of us spend our days assisting others.  Our days are filled with getting through the day expending our energies on our job, our kids, our spouse, our household chores, our parents,  our friends and the list goes on and on.......


But do we spend enough time on our self?


There are so many diseases (both physical and mental)  that show up in our population due to stress, unhappiness and low self esteem that creates a very strong argument to work into our daily lives specific things we do for...guess who?


Our self!


It's proven that if we do things that make us feel good-- laughing, pampering, exercising and other things we garner enjoyment from (gardening, reading a good book,a mid-day nap, a hot soaking bath, enjoying a good wine, concerts,  the beach)  it's actually healthy for our well being. 



The body and mind react.....


Sense of self and confidence rises, blood pressure drops, the mind is cleansed and more alert, there is an euphoric feeling, a feeling of peace with our self and the burdens we all carry in our path through this life.  Above all, there is balance and serenity.



We all have limited time on our journey, so we need to make every minute count.  There is something to be said about creating a bucket list at any age.   Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so make your list today  and start planning for setting aside blocks of time...minutes, hours, days or start doing those things that are specifically designed to take you to your special place, an unknown land, a better body, a fear conquered, pampering give you those moments you absolutely deserve that define happiness and a life well lived! 


You owe it to yourself.


We all know the ending, but as I stated in an earlier post about our life's novel, it is up to us to create the chapters leading up to the epilogue.