Sunday, February 17, 2013

Balance your life through Feng Shui

How many of you have heard of Feng Shui? If so, have you ever read about or applied the methods of this ancient philosophy practice in your own life? People that practice this philosophy swear by today's world many interior design experts and Realtors apply it.... on a personal note,  my wife practices it in our home. 


Feng Shui means "Wind and Water" and has its roots in China over 3,000 years ago.  It is a philosophy that millions of people around the world apply to their daily lives.


Many people believe in the power of good energy flow, and how it travels through structures, is retained and affects the occupants living or working there. This is the basis for Feng Shui.....many well known celebrities practice Feng Shui, including Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Johnny Depp, Richard Branson, Madonna and Steven Spielberg to name a few.


There are so many parts and nuances to this philosophy that it would take a large book or two to describe it all.....for the purposes of keeping this blog length reasonable, I'll give you the basics - simply put, a home that has been Feng Shui'ed, has the following:


Good Aesthetics - A home that applies Feng Shui is uncluttered, clean, flows well and feels good.

Balanced elements - There are 5 elements (Wood, Metal, Fire, Water and Earth) that are recognized in the Feng Shui philosophy and their placement is very important in applying Feng Shui -.  Depending on the room type and the location of the room, these elements are applied to the home using a Bagua Chart.

Outer matches your Inner - The living or working environment outwardly reflects what  it is one feels inside.

Qui/Chi - This is good versus bad energy flowing throughout a house  that can affect activity occurring within a home.  There are methods in Feng Shui that slow down fast moving or piercing energy to make the home more relaxing, pleasing to the eye and enjoyable.  The key to Feng Shui is increasing Chi or good energy.

Bagua Chart- This chart divides up our homes into sectors.  Each sector has an affect on different areas of our lives.  Career, Spiritual, Knowledge, Children, Good Fortune, Health, Marriage, Reputation and Wealth.




Correctly applied, it is believed by those practicing Feng Shui that their lives are enriched in the following ways:


  • Increased wealth

  • Better Marriages and Relationships

  • Better Health

  • Better Reputation

  • Increased Knowledge

  • Increased Happiness



Other popular elements of Feng Shui include Foo Dogs (placed at entry to protect the home), introduction of plants to divert or slow down the flow of  energy, a number of ceremonial figures and symbols that are placed in key sectors throughout the home, Yin/Yang and "Space Clearing", which eliminates existing/lingering negative energy in the home from prior occupants or prior negative energy from an argument or harmful incident.  Feng Shui can also be applied to other areas where you live your life..... garden/yard  areas, patios and offices.


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