Saturday, April 6, 2013

Self Sabotage - Nip it in the bud!

Sabotage is defined by Wikipedia, as "a deliberate action aimed at weakening another entity through subversion, obstruction, disruption or destruction. 


Synonyms are to weaken, subvert, undermine, damage, destroy, disrupt, cripple and disable.



Sabotage can be external or internal:

i. it could be a third party  trying to throw a wrench into a goal or aspiration of another; or

ii.  it can be self-inflicted (self sabotage)


I would like to examine self sabotage, and also explore with you what we can do to nip it in the bud when it shows up in our lives......


Self sabotage gets in the way and slows down the goals we have set for ourselves as individuals both personally and professionally. Self sabotage affects the outcome or progress of a goal, such as losing weight, excelling in our job, exercising or ridding ourselves of bad habits.


Many of us believe in our goals, and that our lives will be enriched if we achieve them. 

The riddle here is -  why do we allow ourselves to be sidetracked from the path we have chosen for our self?  I mean, if we take the time and effort to set the goal in the first place and know that the outcome will be a positive one, why in the world would we do something to negatively affect or sidetrack the outcome we desire?


The answer is because we are human...we have flaws...beyond that, the true culprit of self sabotage may surprise you.


It's the ego. 


There are volumes written about this interesting phenomenon, but in order to keep this blog reasonable, I'll just say that the ego is a very complex mechanism that exists in all of us.  It feeds off of the need for external love, recognition, praise and acceptance from others, and often ignores the realities of logical thinking and taking responsibility for our actions at any given moment. 

As a result, self sabotage is caused by our ego assuming the role of authority, causing us to make unwise decisions or actions based upon core emotional needs and core beliefs that may contain false or misleading information. 


Suffice it to say that the ego is tied to our  emotional needs that began in our childhood and its influence will persist in us until we mature, recognize it for what it is, and address its effect on us properly.


The ability to suppress our internal desires (that our ego informs us we need) requires frank assessment, maturity and ultimately the understanding that we need to not only recognize those moments or situations  when the ego asserts influence, but be able to react to what is happening and take back the control needed to assure  we remain on track with the desired goals and aspirations in our life.

Self-sabotage is driven by impulses for immediate gratification, and is tied to our ego.  In order to end self sabotage, one needs to assess and know their core beliefs and values and keep them at the forefront of their life at all times. 

Take control of your ego, and you take control of your life. 

It's that simple ......... and that complicated.

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