Sunday, March 10, 2013

Erase Self-limiting Beliefs!

"It's not who you think you are that holds you back; it's who you think you're not." ~Unknown


Self limiting beliefs are an interesting phenomenon because they come from within each of us and have no basis in fact-- just how we perceive our self and our abilities......

What are they, and how do they affect our life? 

A self limiting belief is a thought that comes from within.  They are internal doubts that put into question one's ability; they are affirmations to self that tells someone that they aren't good enough, smart enough or that they don't deserve success or that they can't accomplish those very things that need to happen in their life to assure positive outcomes and achieved goals.

People that I have dubbed "Confident Believers" rarely have these beliefs, and tackle each new day with thoughts and actions that confirm a very strong belief in themselves and their capabilities, as well as the belief that they deserve everything they have, or eventually will have in their lives.

In past articles I have written about 3 topics that come into play in this article -self-fulfilling prophecy, fear and how decisions determine our destiny.  This article incorporates those three topics and illustrates how interconnected many of the beliefs and attitudes we harbor on a daily basis affects our life.


“Unless you know where you are going then you will not know how to get there.”
Stephen Richards


Each of us, whether it is formalized or not has created our very own  "Personal Plan".  Some of us may have everything in our professional and personal life chronicled to the minute details of what we desire to achieve personally, and the steps we need to take to get there, and we pause every so often to look at our score card.....others have have an excellent sense of what they want, and rely on their keeping those objectives at "front of mind" to get there without the formality...still others wake up every day and have a weak personal plan, which is to do nothing or little with the god-given talents they possess....they let life happen to them without focusing on those very things that they need to plan for and accomplish that will change their circumstances in all areas of their life from health to wealth.


“To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny.” — Alan Cohen

Regarding change ..... in order to grow, we all must be willing to accept the fact that life is ever-evolving, and therefore we must be willing to modify our knowledge base and our behaviors to accommodate that evolution.  Change is very hard for some people because it can put them out of their comfort zone and many people are comfortable with the "way things are" and  fear the unknown. 


The elimination of those perceptions of our self in our mind that hinder us is the key to eliminating the negative self-talk that limits our success, freedom and happiness.  There are methods available via books, web sites, tutorials and articles that can be employed when one catches them self in a negative self talk moment--these methods are designed to assist in ridding us of these types of thoughts. One I found called the "Sedona Method".  At the end of the article I have provided a link to their official site. 


Ultimately,  the belief in self that we ARE worthy of success, we ARE capable, we ARE deserving sets into motion a whole new world of opportunity!  Once you believe, in your heart of hearts, that YOU deserve in life what the "Confident Believers" have, you will begin to plan, you will begin to make choices one decision at a time, that leads you down the path towards success  you have envisioned for yourself.  Failures are an important part of success--expect them and embrace their lesson ---- for without this mindset and understanding,  failures can be devastating on morale and self confidence.


Self esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves.  Nathaniel Branden

Belief in yourself and making the decisions / taking the actions necessary to ultimately realize what it is you envision for yourself is a key element for enjoying more success and happiness in your life!


Link:           Sedona Method


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