Friday, November 8, 2013

One year of Positive Perspective

This month marks the one year anniversary of my personal "call to action" to write this blog. 

Positive Perspective was started because I have a passion for everything positive and believe that life is just better when you are an optimist. I wanted to share my philosophy with others, and create articles relevant to my philosophy. I also have a passion for people, and hope my articles have assisted others in coping with their daily experiences in  life.


I sincerely believe when one's thoughts are focused on appreciating what they have, recognizing their unique talents and abilities, not giving up,  committing to action, striving for excellence and improvement, displaying humility and seeing the good in others...... amazing things start to happen!


I write many of these articles  as a reminder what could be, or should be.   I also write to remind myself regarding what I could or should be thinking and doing. 


The 32 articles I wrote over the last year ranged from the serious to the whimsical, and the topics for the most part, are about things many of us already  know about and in many cases, are common sense.   That being said, reminders are an important component of our thought process, because in the hustle and bustle of life we tend to forget sometimes the importance of our character, our strengths, our knowledge, our passions and our desires.


Has writing Positive Perspective been worth the time and effort?  Absolutely! 


As I move into my second year of the blog, it is my goal to continue to write about everything relevant to those of us who are in pursuit of making ourselves better people and surrounding our world with positive thoughts.


Thanks for connecting to and  reading Positive Perspective!   As a reminder I am always looking for relevant topics to write about so send me an email if you have any thoughts or ideas you would like to see in future articles.