Saturday, August 17, 2013

Positive People

Positive People get Positive Results


Ever meet people that the first time you meet them just WOW you? 


I have.  They walk into a room, and everyone that meets them wants to "latch on"  to the power and energy that this person exudes, wanting to shake that person's hand in the hope that some of whatever it is that has blessed this individual will somehow be transferred to them during the handshake.


I know a person just like this...his name is Jack.  From the very first time I met Jack, his smile and demeanor were infectious.  I was very impressed, because I could tell is was not an act---it was genuine! 


Needless to say, several years later, Jack had gone from being a manager for a regional company to starting an incredibly successful business with multiple locations that ranks amongst the top in his industry in California.


I was not surprised.  Who would not want to have the opportunity to do business with a person like Jack?  He is sincere, friendly, has integrity, is extremely likeable and as honest as they come.  He is not afraid of hard work, is extremely smart and he gives back to his community, those less fortunate and his church unselfishly.


Jack understands and embraces the universal truism: You Give --- You Get!




Jack possesses excellent business acumen; he understands the bottom line, does not shy away from tough decisions and he knows the importance of consistently taking excellent care of his customers and his employees.  And by all accounts, he does all of the above quite well!


Why am I sharing this with you?

Because, my friends, there is a bit of Jack in each of us!  We just need to recognize our unique gifts, and use them to make a difference in our life and the lives of others.  That's what being positive and believing in yourself and your unique contribution is all about! 


You can't fake happiness, passion, integrity, sincerity or empathy...people see right through it.  That is why the persona of people like Jack is so powerful, like electricity...we just don't know many "Jacks" because they are truly a rare breed, so they stand out and therefore they are memorable to us.



Regardless of your background, education, age or sex, it's up to each of us to figure out how we can contribute to the service and needs of others, and to give them what they want  with a smile, passion and integrity.




Commit to searching internally for what it is you can offer up to the world regarding talents and strengths, then commit to a plan to set into motion your chosen destiny.



Commit to being the optimist, with passion, energy, and an unfaltering desire to succeed... and above all, commit to believing in yourself and your dreams. 




Your reward will be not only be true happiness because of what you have become and accomplished,  but prosperity as well!