Monday, January 7, 2013

Personal Magnetism AKA Personal Power

"Charm is the quality in others that makes us more satisfied with ourselves"

Henri Frederic Amiel

I have always been impressed and admired people I know and people that  I meet who have a certain aura about them that causes others to take notice, listen, admire and respond to that person.  Those people have what I refer to as "a magnetic personality". 

What exactly is personal magnetism?

Personal magnetism is defined as "a personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others".

Have you noticed that there are those in your circle of friends and acquaintances at school, at work and at play that others follow and want to be around, all the while intently listening to every word that comes out of their mouths?  I refer to these types of people as  "influencers/ leaders", and for whatever reason,  they have amazing command over their friends, their teachers, their co-workers, their clients and their audience.

They exude what I call  "Personal Power". 

In our day to day lives we are exposed to these types of people...I happen to believe personal magnetism is a synonym for charm or charisma, and that the Law of Attraction is somehow involved.

Personal power sources may be physical beauty, intelligence, talent, poise, confidence,  self-discipline, wisdom, wealth or a combination of some or all of these...what I am referring to is part of someones seems that it is a natural trait that isn't faked and is ingrained in personality and character.

So who are these people with personal magnetism?

Actors, authors, singers, lawyers, doctors, business owners, sports professionals, salespeople, real estate moguls, teachers, Fortune 500 CEO's and politicians are the most obvious.....but these people can also be housewives, students and middle managers... ..the reality is that these types of people are usually admired by others regardless of what they do for a living!.

You might be magnetism natural (you either are born with it or you aren't)  or can it be learned? 

It's actually both--I believe most of us have  the propensity for personal magnetism but it may need to be either developed or refined (in other words,  self improvement is involved).  My observation is that those people that possess this asset practice using it and improving upon it on a regular basis, are self disciplined, confident in their abilities, well groomed, strive for constant improvement in themselves and their appearance, have high expectations of themselves and others, and are poised, polished and consistent in their appearance, approach, beliefs and actions.

Personal magnetism is real and is influential in our day to day lives, and if used properly, can assist you in getting what you want in life.   There are those of us that may not have been born with all of  the attributes that I've described above, or have not committed the time developing and strengthening their personal magnetism.

While not  everyone desires this trait, if you are interested in developing or strengthening your personal  magnetism, I encourage you to check online resources  (search under "personal magnetism" or "personal power"),  or check out the CD Mastery Program by Tony Robbins entitled "Personal Power" or "Personal Power II".

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