Friday, October 19, 2012

The start of my blogging journey...focusing on the positive things in life!

I thrive on optimism and positive people/surroundings and sincerely believe that to be happy in life one needs to have the right perspective. 

In order to gain the proper perspective, we need to receive ongoing exposure to positive influences that remind and reinforce to us what's truly important in life-- and just as important, what isn't.

That's why I am starting a new blog entitled "Positive Perspective" that will focus only on the good things in life - namely good deeds, positive thoughts, inspirational people and the value of family, friends and relationships. 

It is my desire to share my thoughts,  news stories, quotes  and other items I come across that serve to motivate and inspire. I hope you will follow me throughout my blogging journey on either Blogger, Google + (, Facebook, LinkedIn, email or Twitter ( @gregg_mason ).

Ultimately, I hope that my blog  inspires others to infuse their days with positive thoughts and surroundings that allow them to thrive and to be happy in their lives .

Gregg Mason